Add a Blood Hit FX to the current camera, and remove it automatically after the animation is end. By default, the timer duration is set to 1 second.

CameraPlay.BloodHit(Color color, float Time, float dist);

CameraPlay.BloodHit(float Time, float dist);

CameraPlay.BloodHit(float Time);



Name Description Value Description Default
X The x position of the effect. 0 = left side of the screen. 0.5f = center of the screen 0.5
Y The y position of the effect. 0 = down side of the screen. 0.5f = center of the screen 0.5
Time Time duration of the effect animation in second. 1 = 1 Second 1 second
SpeedFPS Set the Speed Frame per second speed in Frame per second 5 FPS
Color Set the color Color in RGBA By default the color is white


CameraPlay.BloodHit(,2f); // Add a blood FX in green for 2 seconds


The effect is set by default on the main camera, if you want to change the current camera us CameraPlay.CurrentCamera and select the new camera All the other effect will use the new current camera.