Fly Vision


Add a FlyVision to the current camera. Turn on or off the FX.

CameraPlay.FlyVision_ON(float Time, float Zoom, float distortion)

CameraPlay.FlyVision_ON(float Time, float Zoom)

CameraPlay.FlyVision_ON(float Time)


CameraPlay.FlyVision_OFF(float Time, float Zoom, float distortion)


CameraPlay.FlyVision_OFF(float Time);


Name Description Value Description Default
Time Set the time effect in second 1 = 1 Second 1 Second
Distortion Set the distorsion 1 = Normal 1
Zoom Set the zoom value 0.2 = Normal 0.2


CameraPlay.FlyVision_ON(1); // Turn on the Fly Vision FX with a fading-on of 1 second.

CameraPlay.FlyVision_OFF(0.5f); // Turn off the Fly Vision FX with a fading-on of 0.5 second.


Due to the On/Off system, you can only use 1 Fx at the time.


The effect is set by default on the main camera, if you want to change the current camera us CameraPlay.CurrentCamera and select the new camera All the other effect will use the new current camera.